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Alignment Life and Literature

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Keselarasan Hidup dan Kesusastraan
e-ti | boni compass bi-pr

Toton Dai Permana one of the Indonesian man who was able to break the lack of public judgment about the role of literature in terms of achieving well-being. For him, literature actually had a big role because it can drive a person to build the harmony of life.

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Secara philosophical attitude to life which is in harmony with nature and each other as the most fundamental and became the main umbrella. That attitude is a major prerequisite for achieving economic well-being, "said the man born Manna, Bengkulu, this when met at his house in Palembang, South Sumatra.

This then became the basis for the guy with the full name of Eka Permana Thontowi Herijum this, to continue to consistently pursue the literary world since 25 years ago. Consistency and loyalty can be seen from many of his writings were recorded, among others, in hundreds of plays, novels, short stories, and poetry.

Toton, vocation, although it can be regarded as a versatile writer, then decided to focus on writing plays since 1983. In fact, most of the work does not just stop at Toton writing aspect of his work as well as dozens of events staged at various campuses and public literature. His work has also developed into a drama series on local television stations and TVRI South Sumatra.

"A number of national television stations also inspired me to be a play adapted the play and film, for example, TPI and Global TV," said Toton while explaining about his late father figure in introducing, encourage, and instill her literary soul. The role of the father figure that makes him productive produce literary works.

A variety of works

After going through the stage of recognition and learning in the literary world by self-taught, Toton completed his first work for the sub-theme drama scriptwriting stage and television drama series in 1985, with the title Those Isolated.

The script was then glimpsed a drama producer in South Sumatra and station TVRI TPI, a year later. While in the field of short story or a short story, Toton works have been published PT Balai Pustaka.

From the archive search results belong to Toton the day-to-day work as a civil servant at the Department of Information Histories Ogan Ilir regency, there are a number of his works, which were recorded and staged a variety of publishers. Call in which they were beaten track, David Singo, A Slave Song Lyrics, Madonna City, and Really.

Of all his work, Toton said, there is one he plays most like to date, namely Madonna City. This script then staged a television series in TPI and TVRI. Television stations interested in Madonna City because it tells the struggle of Indonesia for national political identity.

"Most of the plays I write carries social and national issues. I write a play throughout the afternoon until the evening or after work," said Toton.

Reflections on life

Toton admitted relatively no difficulty in digging a basic idea of ​​writing, both in order to set forth as plays, short stories, and poetry. Because, essentially reflects the literary field and reflects the values ​​of human life as well as social creatures individual beings.

In addition to writing plays, over time, Toton also interested in entering the art Lihat Daftar Tokoh Teater
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in South Sumatra. When it is, art Lihat Daftar Tokoh Teater
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can be said to have worked on many local writers and artists.

In the arts Lihat Daftar Tokoh Teater
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, Toton later founded the theater group "707" in the City Sekayuq, Banyuasin, South Sumatra. After the ensemble can be independent, Banyuasin County Government also entrusted the job as coaches other theater groups, "SS", to Toton.

"In 1991 I was invited senior writer SIHAN M Rohin for directing drama performance titled Aiga. Filmed drama is the result both of us. Screenplay was last staged in the arena Festival National Folk Drama in Jakarta," said Toton.

His experience as a director of the Arts Council of South Sumatra increased after trust him to direct a script Madonna City Theatre at the Gathering XI in Wakil Presiden Republik Indonesia (1972-1978)
Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia (1972-1978)
. Although his work in the play is not a winner, Toton remain proud entered as one of the nominees.

Taking the time

In the era of South Sumatra Governor Alex Noerdin leadership and the Deputy Governor Boediyono, Toton served as the Head of Public Relations South Sumatra provincial government. For nearly two years in his new position, he admitted to still take the time to hone his artistic soul sharpness.

"Having had 'disappeared' from the market, I managed to muster the energy to write back within the. Then, be a novel titled Wind as a proof of my existence in the world literature," said Toton about his latest novel was published in 2009.

He hoped that more young people are interested to pursue the field of literature. For Toton, literature makes waking life balance. Literature can hone one's soul to be more sensitive to socio-economic conditions around him.

For a dozen years, Toton continue to maintain the balance and harmony of the two his world, ie, as a man of letters and civil servant. "I still have an obsession that has not materialized, such as setting up a book publishing and literary arts, and literary arts studio build independently, and recorded all the results of this work." e-ti

Sources: Reuters, Tuesday, November 23, 2010 | Author: Boni Dwi Pramudyanto

Served by redaction - Created February 17, 2011 - Last Update February 24, 2012

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