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Being prolific poet

Arts figures Behind the Scenes The founder of the People's Daily Guidance
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Produktif Menjadi Penyair
Dorothea Rosa Herliany | e-ti | winternachten.nl

Hobbies reading since childhood finally bring Dorothea Rosa Herliany become a great poet. He also writes short stories, essays, and reports cultures. Since the 80s, almost all of the mass media which has a poem containing his poems. His work has received dozens of awards, one of which awards the Equator 2005/2006 Literary Award for his poetry collection titled 'Santa Rosa'.

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Bagi Rosa, thus Lihat Daftar Tokoh Perempuan
See List of Figures Women
is fondly called, has received various awards shows that his work be enjoyed and understood by many people. Hence, he admitted very happy, because in his vision, the poem is considered some, remote, isolated and located in the clouds. So with his award, he felt he had to prove how real poetry is something very close and care about society and life. "Poetry, if only people knew the real thing definitely talking about something that is in the community," said Rosa.

Lihat Daftar Tokoh Perempuan
See List of Figures Women
Magelang born October 20, 1963 is not only known in the country but also to overseas. He has several times abroad to attend meetings and festivals. For example, in 1990 he followed the meeting of ASEAN Young Writers in the Philippines, then in 1995 he followed the Festival Penyair Legendaris Indonesia
Legendary poet Indonesia
International in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and in 2000 he became a writer-residence in Australia.

His prowess as Penyair Legendaris Indonesia
Legendary poet Indonesia
can not be separated from his reading the book. He did not come from a wealthy family who can afford to buy a book because his father Wim Sugito only a civil servant at the National Military Academy (AMN) in Magelang, while his mother A. Louisye just a housewife. However, his reading book has guided his feet to often play into his neighbor's house who happens to have a lot of books and magazines.

From the reading habits, comes the ability to create a story or poem. Rosa started to learn how to express any thoughts, emotions and expression into sheets of paper. Shaped his first works published opinion in O magazine when he was a junior. Since then, the spirit of writing continued buoyant. Even his goal he wanted to be a psychologist eventually forget. To follow the impulse to become a Penyair Legendaris Indonesia
Legendary poet Indonesia
, Parents hope that he became a civil servant who has wages and hours of work are clear, he also set aside.

The impulse that wants to deepen literature, making Rosa who undergo primary education in elementary Tarakanita Magelang, junior high school in Magelang Pendowo junior, and high schools in School Stella Duce Wakil Presiden Republik Indonesia (1972-1978)
Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia (1972-1978)
, Continuing education courses to Sastrawan, Pendiri PDS H.B. Jassin
Poets, Founder PDS H.B. Jassin
Indonesian literature
, FPBS Sanata Dharma Wakil Presiden Republik Indonesia (1972-1978)
Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia (1972-1978)
(Now the University of Sanata Dharma).

In college, his desire to become more and more passionate writers especially in a college often held various competitions write, compose exercise or perform a wide range of activities that are articulating expression. This makes Rosa increasingly encouraged to write in the media. His poems appeared in the daily Sinar Harapan and Voice Reform. "It was happy not to play, because it is for me a wonderful thing," recalls admirer of the poet and author Sapardi Djoko Damono, WS Renda, and this Atmowiloto Arswendo.

After completing his studies at Sanata Dharma, he plunged into a freelance writer, Lihat Daftar Wartawan
See List of Journalists
daily, and high school teachers. But in the end, he falls in total as a poet and cultural activist.

At least, he has published 18 titles consist of: a collection of poems, a collection of short stories, children's stories, teen stories, and folklore. Poetry books, among others; Santa Rosa (bilingual, 2005) which won the Equator Literary Award (2006), and Kill the Radio (2001), reprinted by Arc Publications, London (2007). In addition there is also a song of Rowdy (Poems, 1987), Sun Flowing (Poems, 1990), Pupa Silent (Poems, 1993), The Story of Mangrove (Anthology of Poetry, 1994), Blencong (Collection of Short Stories, 1995) , Dream Autumn Olive Leaf (set Short Story, 1999). His poetry has partly been translated into several languages ​​such as English, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Thanks to these works, Rosa has received numerous awards, among others, the first winner of Writing Poetry Day Penyair Legendaris Indonesia
Legendary poet Indonesia
held SEMA Sastrawan, Pendiri PDS H.B. Jassin
Poets, Founder PDS H.B. Jassin
Indonesian literature
Sanata Dharma (1981); Writing Poetry Winner I organized the Institute of Philosophy and Theology (IFT) Wakil Presiden Republik Indonesia (1972-1978)
Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia (1972-1978)
(1985); Literature Award from the Association Lihat Daftar Wartawan
See List of Journalists
Central Java, Indonesia (1995); Arts award from Magelang Local Government (1995); Best Poetry (Dream Autumn Olive Leaf) from the Jakarta Arts Council (2000); Best author of Indonesian Center (2003); Arts Award from Lihat Daftar Menteri
See List of Ministers
Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia (2004); and The Equator Literary Award for "Santa Rosa" (2006).

The wife of Andreas Darmanto also been a newspaper correspondent Voice Reform, Prospect magazine, magazines Sarinah and since 1995 became editor of the Journal of Culture Kolong issue Magelang, Central Java. Then in 2002 became deputy leader Matabaca magazine.

In addition to writing poetry, he also writes short stories, essays, and reports culture. "I wrote a poem spontaneously. I never choose the words that will be used for my poetry. The words of the poem I use the word spooky, rough, bold and even hard. The words that represent me," said Rosa about how to write poetry. "Poetry I experienced an interesting shift. In the midst of thousands of poems busy with harsh social commentary, poetry I even attempt to free himself from the shadows that have been created," he said again.

It is reflected in one of his writings, namely when he sued the myths in the world of marriage. In the world of marriage, it is always a duty "to marry it to the faithful". According to him, in fact, such a commitment only on the surface, not in heart. Therefore, he wrote: 'When I call no desire to marry faithful'. This paper makes a lot of people shocked, shocked.

In the view of Rosa, poetry had to be like that. The task of poetry should be a surprise. Gentle surprise. The poem was to be punched. The poem should be like boxing with soft gloves. So, in poetry and criticize the values ​​that have been established or absolutized, he was hit with a soft. He said the poem blow velvet gloved fist.

Quoted him as saying in an interview with the daily Suara Merdeka in 2006, Rosa said mind if he called a feminist. He rejected the notion that because he thinks that he fought not issue toLihat Daftar Tokoh Perempuan
See List of Figures Women
late, but rather to humanity. Men also need to be helped if he is weak. Then it is better if it is referred to as a fighter humanism, not Dosen studi feminisme dan filsafat kontemporer di Universitas Indonesia
Lecturer studies feminism and contemporary philosophy at the University of Indonesia

Of family support, Rosa admitted feeling very fortunate because of the support of her husband Andrew Dharmanto in his career. In daily life, Rosa with her husband, who also worked in the field of writing since 1997, managing Indonesia Tera, a foundation that is engaged in the publication of books, magazines and journals, research, education, expression and appreciation of art, documentation, and development of cultural cooperation network .

As a publisher, Indonesia Tera has published hundreds of books and gain an appreciation of high quality. In fact, Indonesia Tera became the first Indonesian publisher invited to exhibit the book "International Frankfurt Book Fair", Germany 2003. However, unfortunately quality books published Indonesia Tera less behavior. As a result, slowly eroded their capital, even leaving debts in printing. Since 2008, the couple was finally retreated from Indonesia Tera. In addition to publishing, Rosa also founded the World Tera, bookstores and provider of free libraries and home reading, book lovers rides, as well as cultural activists to discuss.

As a mother, Rosa has his own way of educating her two daughters, Regina Redaning and Sabina Kencana Arimanintan. He accustom her two children loved books since childhood. Although busy, Rosa took mendongengi children. "Before going to bed, I always tell stories. Keep those storytelling now turns to me and their stories more exciting," said Rosa. He also always gives the sense that the school is not the only ticket to be a good man. He said that the real purpose of life is not to become a man of success, but a good man. E-ti | muli, red

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