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Teachers Association of Indonesia | Category: EDUCATION

Indonesia in the World Highlights

Indonesia dalam Sorotan Dunia
Laurence Manullang | Ensikonesia.com | dp

Our country is currently in the spotlight of the world. Indonesia's participation as a member of the G-20, the greater to participate actively in the formulation of the problems facing the world in various dimensions. Thus Prof. Dr Laurence A. Manullang, DBA, Rector / Professor of Accounting, University Arise archipelago, as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Central Executive Board of the Indonesian Teachers Association (Pergubi).

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Menurutnya, increasing expectations of the world community. To reach the expectations of economic growth is needed in order to create the conditions and situations that are more conducive to the people of these countries.

Prof. Laurence said seems increasingly integrated world economy from time to time. Difficulties experienced by a country such as we experienced in 1997. Flu Korean economy quickly spread to Thailand and from Thailand to Indonesia, and Indonesia was the longest to recover.

At this time the US's GNP per capita of $ 3,469 was only able to maintain our democracy for 18 years. To be a strong democracy where propabilitas 1/500 failed, GNP per capita when we reach US $ 6,600 pa as Prof. DR. Wakil Presiden Republik Indonesia (2009-2014)
Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia (2009-2014)
stressed; Reached US $ 6,600 P.A. we need 8 years with economic growth of 8-9% per year.

When disaster occurs in Japan, which requires substantial funds overcome, Japan attract deposits from the United States, fear of lack of funds in the United States, the giant companies in the United States to withdraw cash from Europe, the European shortage of liquidity which today is still not healed and is expected to spread to Asia.

Under these conditions the Indonesian thankfully still experiencing consistent economic growth. Thanks to the hard work led government Lihat Daftar Presiden Republik Indonesia
Browse the President of the Republic of Indonesia
President of the Republic of Indonesia
Indonesia's economic growth could grow 6.7% in 2011.

This growth is influenced by efforts to reduce corruption, which the Indonesian CPI rose from 2.8 (2010) to 3.0 in 2011, clearly a real impact on economic growth is very significant and is able to raise our own Investment Grade BB. Therefore in 2012, Indonesia is not impossible if expecting investment into Indonesia around 250 trillion will increase in subsequent years.

The Government has identified the barriers very significant for the growth of national economy. President Susilo Bambang Yoedhiono has announced that economic growth inhibition at most three segments namely corruption, Infrastructure Development and Reforms.

Corruption and GNP

Of corruption and its relation to GNP, Professor Manullang said the government has launched the Corruption Perceptions Index score will be increased from 3.0 in 2011 to 5.0 in 2014. This score is very ambitious and if this is achieved, the Indonesian economy will grow 7-8% in 2013 (coumpounded) up to 2020. The impact of GNP per capita of Indonesia in late 2011 of US $ 3,469 will go up to US $ 16,000 in 2020 and democracy that we built together will be safe from generation to generation.

At this time the US's GNP per capita of $ 3,469 was only able to maintain our democracy for 18 years. To be a strong democracy where propabilitas 1/500 failed, GNP per capita when we reach US $ 6,600 pa as Prof. DR. Wakil Presiden Republik Indonesia (2009-2014)
Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia (2009-2014)
stressed; Reached US $ 6,600 P.A. we need 8 years with economic growth of 8-9% per year.


Preihal infrastructure, he said that economic growth must also be supported by the development of infrastructure that is able to accommodate the economic mobilization. Rp 915 trillion of funds needed to build the economic growth.

Bappenas has assembles the Master Plan for the development of Indonesia by projecting six economic corridor corridor Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Bali / NTT, Mantan Sersan Militer Inggris
Former British Military Sergeant
/ Papua. To sustain the growth of the national economy at the same time filling the gap in economic growth between regions

But once again to look out for is the practice of mark-up in the infrastructure development. If the mark-up and corruption can not be prevented, the volume of the infrastructure will not support the economy itself.
Managing rapid growth as difficult to overcome slow growth


According Manullang, the third obstacle is bureaucracy. The number of civil servants who are members of the bureaucracy until the year 2010 amounted to 4,732,472 people (BKM Data as of May 2010), which according to the territorial distribution of civil servants are not balanced, low productivity levels and did not qualify if called HR professionals.

Every year the government must provide the salary amount 46.7% and 53.3% of the state budget to build sectoral and territorial, and even then the indicator shows 40-60% dikorupsikan so it will be an incredible obstacle to economic growth.

This swelling PNS 65% placed as administrative personnel and only 35% innovative. With so many civil servants focussed on administration, the administration is stretched into a long position, and this is one of the obstacles when businesses begging permit.

Only 35% of civil servants were given the task to devise and carry out economic opportunities so that apablila we went to visit government offices either in the center or in the region, only civil servants came, read newspapers and signed card is present and then go home without doing anything. Job description is not clear, overlapping tasks.

Can be studied business sectors that do not require a permit, enough economic actors that reported it to the local government (mayor / regent) local. Thus the potential for retired civil servants may be increased 1,419,803 people where 937.147 of them already reached the age of 51 up to 58 years. It takes a professional civil service, innovative, placed in a lean structure (downsizing).

Budget funds will be injected into the construction lot, in addition to leakage they do, as in the procurement of goods, bribes, licensing. Moreover, the performance of e-procurement by the moratorium on recruitment of civil servants as a positive dangat PNS indicator was time Downsized

President of the PP 81/2010 has published foundation and Grand Strategy for Reforms, which proclaimed that the Strategy Map Reforms had to be clean of corruption in 2014. If this is successful it is not impossible that Indonesia would achieve economic growth of 12.5% ​​in 2020 .

A very ambitious target and we as a collection of Professor collectively and individually as a library inividu-life should be called upon to provide input to the government solicited or unsolicited according to our respective expertise, although with or without compensation.

If this succeeds then Indonesia will enter the group of developed countries (developed countries) who finished 5th largest economy in the world by 2020 as predicted by the World Bank in 1994, with GNP per capital of about US $ 16,000 pa driven by 117 million workers who are ready to enter the middle strata in development.

When listened to the root of this success will all lead to the factor of human resources through quality education and dignity. With Integrity Indonesia could capitalize demographis the mighty bonus. MPR has set 20% of the state budget of Education.

It was raised by Prof. Dr Laurence A. Manullang, DBA while inaugurating the Board DPP Pergubi in Jakarta, January 25, 2012. The DPP officials Pergubi are as follows:

Board Of Supervisors:
Prof. Dr Laurence A. Manullang, DBA, Rector / Professor of Accounting, University Arise Nusantara

DPP Board
• Chairman: Prof. Ibrahim Abdullah, Chairman of the Trustees of the Foundation UNAS / Professor of Political Economy UNAS.
• First Chairman: Prof. Dr. Sihol Situngkir, expert staff Lihat Daftar Menteri
See List of Ministers
Secretary of State for Economic and Welfare.
• Chairman II: Prof. Dr Hendra halwani, Chairman Prodi MM, Professor of the University Satyagama.
• Chairman III: Prof. Dr Ir. Suprapto, MSc, FPE, IPM, Professor of ITB
• Secretary General: Prof. Dr Ir. Doloksaribu dreadlocks, Professor of UNAS
• Deputy Secretary General: Prof. Dr Drg. Melanie Sadono Jamil, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Trisakti.
• Treasurer: Prof. Dr Harjanto Prabowo, MM, Rector of Universitas Bina Nusantara.
• Treasurer I: Prof. Dr Adler Manurutng, SCMM, Professor of Banks Association
• Legal Officer: Prof. Dr M.S. Tumanggor, SH, Msi, Professor of Islamic University Al-Syafiiah.
• Public Relation Officer: Prof. Dr Djuaeni Kassasmita, Professor of Universiras Padjadjaran

Committee Chairman:
• Membership Committee: Prof. Dr Eriyantouw Wahid, MH, Chairman Prodi S2 / S3. Trisakti University Legal Studies
• Reasearch & amp; Technology: Prof. Dr Darwati Susilastuti, Professor of the University of Borobudur
• International Relationship Development: Prof. Dr Hotman Siregar, Msi, Professor of ITI
• Planning & amp; Strategy: Prof. Dr Dahmir Dahlan, MSc, Lihat Daftar Direktur
See List of Directors
Post graduate ISTNá
• National Partnership & amp; International: Prof. Dr Sugiarto, Vice Rector / University Professors Media Nusantara
• Finance Committee: Prof. Dr Sofyan Harahap, M. Ak, PhD

To the board, Laurence Manullang invited the professors who have honored by receiving a number of benefits every month, giving back to the state and nation in the form of devotion and input to the nation and the state in the form of input quality, objective either to the Executive, Legislative, Judiciary and to general public through the press to be used as a reference for users of the idea according to vision PERGUBI: "True to hold on to the ideology of the state, confident development of a sovereign state and dignity through education of integrity, dedicated to the unity of the civilized, democratic solidarity upholds equality of rights-oriented people's prosperity. Who raised the integrity, impartiality tidal, always objective and read carefully the strategic environment visionary, in addition to day-to-day functions are being carried. "

The mission Pergubi is a:
1. Provide feedback to the Executive, Legislative and Judicial related to the direction of development of the Indonesian economy into a developed country, even grabbing the fifth largest economy in the world by the perpetrator nation's children, 2025
2. Conduct a national dialogue among members, helping the actual issues of coherent and resulted in the formulation of cognitive, contextual, anticipatory, accommodating on the course of time.
3. Supports Lihat Daftar Presiden Republik Indonesia
Browse the President of the Republic of Indonesia
President of the Republic of Indonesia
form of input to improve the scores follow a global corruption perception, through the eradication of corruption, effective management and efficient infrastructure and continue the reform of the bureaucracy in order to boost national economic growth and investment grade

He also expects do not also forget to remember the Emeritus Professors who have or who are already paralyzed or stroke, in order to propose to the Government to be provided also in their award of retroactive, because our present existence is inseparable from their guidance, developing active communication with them , because they still keep a treasure trove of ideas to develop the nation. Thus

May Allah Almighty protect brothers in performing this task is very respectable. Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the DPP Pergubi Prof. Dr Laurence A. Manullang. Jakarta, January 25, 2012. News TokohIndonesia.com | RBH


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